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We provide economical solutions for contemporary architecture

Empowering modern design with innovative solutions, we redefine architecture through cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and seamless integration of form and function.

Zachary Watson

Principal Engineer

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About Us

Making your vision come true at the basics.

Zachary has practised as an engineer over the past three years where he gathered his knowledge and experience working as a civil/structural engineer at Peter Jervis & Associates. He studied at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica where he achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with first-class honours.


What Our Clients Say

SSCD Engineering offers sound technical and innovative solutions in a timely manner including applications pertaining to challenging marine developments

Pierre Diaz

It has a been a pleasure collaborating with SSCD on several construction projects. The team is eager to assist in solving the structural issues of a project without compromising the architectural vision of the project.

Dewayne Webb, RA | M.Arch | JIA

Both from a design and management perspective, SSCD provides excellent engineering services. Having collaborated briefly on prior occasions, the firm has performed admirably and have been invaluable partners

Jean-Luc Brown, P.E.

SSCD has nearly a decade of experience in structural engineering design. Their standout feature is their flexibility, adeptly tailoring designs to fit clients' needs and budget without sacrificing quality. Their exceptional customer service and clear communication makes SSCD a top choice for any structural engineering project

Rickconie Johnson, P.E.
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